Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stampalicious Thursday! No dies? No worries!

Welcome to the 1st edition of Stampalicious Thursday!
We are excited and hope you will be as well. Our wonderful design team will be bringing you some fun and creative things every other Thursday here on the blog. What better way to mark our new adventure on Thursday's than with bringing Stampalicious Scarlette BACK!!! Yes! That's right....she is BACK by POPULAR DEMAND!!!
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Hi this is Stacy aka Twinshappy bringing you the first Stampalicious Thursday called No dies no worries! Before I invested in the Spellbinders dies or any of the wonderful dies on the market I had to create my own shapes. Today I am going to show you a trick on how I made circle cards without any dies. So let's get started!
Here is what you will need for a circle card. You need a round object, now I have used my Scor-Pal tape ring. This has the convience of the outer and inner ring all in one. A scoring tool, scissors and your papers.

Cut your sheet of solid base cardstock the width of the circle you have. I have placed mine down so you can see what I mean. You will then move your circle to the base of your cardstock and draw a little line at the top of your circle so you will know where to score your paper.
Once you have marked your paper, proceed to score where your line is. Fold in half and cut off any excess you may have.
Next you will place your circled object just a hair above the fold like shown. This is going to be what will make the flap and you don't end up with two circles when all said and done. Trace your circle on the Outer ring. This is a fairly new roll so the gap is going to be large from the outer ring to the inner, but we will work with that later.

This is what it should look like once traced. See the top does not have any pencil mark as this will be your fold. Now cut out your circle shape.

Once the circle is cute you will want to make a straight cut across the inside/back of the circle. This is a little trick that Wendy showed me so that when you photo your card it stands straight up!

Now for the inner circle we will be tracing. I used this darling baby girl paper that I got at the local stamp store a few weeks ago. So place your circle object on the paper and trace the inner circle. Once traced cut out your circle.
When cut it should look like this. Now remember I said this was a fairly new roll of scor-pal tape? See how big of a gap there is between the two papers. When your roll is a bit less its much easier, however when this happens I usually add another layer. How do you add another layer?

You will tape your piece of designer paper down onto the next layer and carefully cut around the circle as even as you can. Now don't worry if you get off on a few spots as you will be able to cover a few of them just not a lot of them. Here I have shown what it looks like when I was half way done cutting my middle layer.
What are some ways you can cover your uneven hand cutting? Sponging the edges of your paper is always a great cover up. Adding some piercing with faux stitching will draw your eye to the stitching verses the uneven spots. Ribbons and flowers do a great job of hiding them also. ha! Now you are ready to decorate!

Here is my finished project. See I used some crochet lace to cover the top edge that I thought was a bit uneven. This adorable guy is Angel Bears from our Bugaboo Line. I actually cut her out and popped her up on dimensionals for this card. Another way to draw your eye. This weeks challenge is Rock a Bye Baby so this fits perfect with the challenge. Check it out if you missed it on Monday.

Thanks for joining me this Stampalicious Thursday! Be sure to check back in 2 weeks for another fun tutorial from our Design Team! Have a great day!


  1. Sweet card and great return to basics!

  2. too cool! how awesome to show that you don't always need fancy tools to create such cuteness!!! {although, i do *love* my fancy tools!} great job, Stacy!

  3. Very cute Stace. Getting back to basics. So cute!

  4. This is adorable Stacy! Great example of how to use the tools we already have!!!

  5. This is great Stacy! Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Wtg Stacy, very nicely done, thanks for the info.